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We serve enthusiasts of an active lifestyle, who refuse to settle for average treatment results when they suffer sports injuries or pain that is slowing them down or, worse, preventing them from participating in their favorite activities. Our clients seek a solution that is superior to the slow, lackluster results of typical sports physical therapy Chicago area clinics, the limited options for expert deep tissue massage, or never-ending chiropractic treatments. At TRIFACTIVE Sports Injury + Performance Clinic®, our proprietary, integrated treatment method yields faster and more complete results by coordinating three therapies essential to restoring functional movement patterns. This approach eliminates pain, reduces wear and tear on the body, and increases movement efficiency, which enhances performance. We go further than other providers by teaching our clients how to maintain their improvements with easy to follow warm-up and cool-down routines based on their particular set of activities. Learn more

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Injury Treatment

Developed over years while working on athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all kinds, the TRIFACTIVE Method™ is the most complete treatment with the fastest results for sports injuries and pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

Our highly skilled team of clinical massage therapists hold advanced certifications and provide expert, stand-alone deep tissue massage and prenatal massage.

Performance Acceleration

Our performance acceleration classes teach clients how to move more efficiently and stably through a complete range of motion, enabling them to perform safely at a higher level and achieve their athletic goals.

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